Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Holiday Activity

Mid term break for UiTM was started! That means I got another 1 week to rest at home. Before this, I got one week holiday because of my condition. But went Kyra told me that UiTM will be closed for mid term break I was so shocked. As what I know, this sem UiTM did not have any mid term break juz have a holiday together with Hari Raya. But maybe because of H1N1, all UiTM campus must be closed. By the way, I am happy because I can continue my holiday. 2 weeks at home, so sweet:)

On Saturday I went to Sg. Buloh with my family to visit the new-baby born, Pak Su's daughter. That means my new cousin. Her name is Nur Qistina Alya. After that, we went to Along's house at Kota Damansara. Then we had a dinner there. Around 11 pm we go back home.

Because of mid term break was started, on Sunday I went to Malacca with ayah, ibu, angah and boy. Actually I go there because I want take my charger and also my laptop. Almaklumlah cuti lama kan, nanti hp xde bateri kan susah. Lagipun ibu dengan ayah kan tak pernah pergi rumah sewa baru aku ni. So, biar diorang tengok keadaan rumah aku. Ayah kata rumah aku dah okey tapi jauh nak gi UiTM.

Then, we went to Tesco to shopping. Not shopping actually but juz walked around there. I bought some cardigan and the important thing I bought a Sudoku book. I really love to play this game! Very adventurous. And of course angah bought some novel.

Bila dah de kat Tesco Melaka ni, tempat yang tak boleh nk miss mestilah Kluang Station, tempat favorite ayah. I ordered some whole bread and hot tea. Lain2 makanan, we ordered mee hoon Kluang, roti bakar, french fries and chicken wings. After that, we went home and around 7:30 pm we arrived in Seremban.

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