Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Memories in my life...: a sweet moment

Around 2 months I stayed at home and every day I made the same things. But on weekends my daily routine was a little bit different. Every Saturday angah, boy n me went to jogging at City Park Seremban 2. Actually I like to jog there because I want to join the aerobics but nowadays there’s no more aerobics. So I just jog for one round only, playing at the playground and most of the time we just chatting. Hehee… After that, of course we went for breakfast and the place named “Pitstop”. Wow, nasi lemak dier memang very de delicious. Many people come to the pitshop just only to buy the nasi lemak especially Chinese. Actually with jogging I can train myself to wake-up early.

Bila cite pasal jogging ni teringat kat kenangan dulu. Actually dulu we all slalu gak jogging (along, angah, boy, nuar n me). But now along stayed in KL with her hubby and nuar always work on Saturday. Look again into photo album I always terkenangkan zaman dolu2…. The time we jog together, window shopping at jusco, the time our family bz with along’s wedding……

It was so meaningful when look at the old picture, my sis wedding, raya time, kenduri etc… Teringat awal bulan lepas when omm came to our house. Xsangka Irfan pun dah besar skarang. Dulu dia kecik aje masa aku dok kuantan dulu. At the same time, acik also come to our house. After that, family members from Singapore came. After this I don’t know when we will meet them again. All the things happened was the sweet memories in my life.

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