Monday, May 18, 2009

Saturday was a tired day!

Saturday was a tired day for me. Last week omm came with his family from Kuantan. And this week a family members from Singapore. Like what ayah said maybe this is our rezeki. I met mak uda, uncle dol and also atuk itam. And of course acik and family from KL joined us. On that day, I wake up early and I went to big market in Seremban with ayah, ibu and angah. Family from Singapore arrived around 11:30. Guess what? Mak Uda from singapore still remember my name! Wow, even though we are not always meet but she's still know me...

Singaporean like to talk and so many things we talked about. Tak sangka pula mak uda tu fanatic on the novel also. She likes Aisya Sofea but she didn't like Ramlee Awang Murshid. Knowing that she loves to read that much, we give her some books to her borrow. And the most important thing sempat gak kitorang minta resepi ayam panggang daripada atuk itam! Hehe.... ayam panggang Singapore, pasni leh try!

Like what acik always said, "korang dok rumah ni asyik masak je la." Erm, what to do we are gurlz right!!! After angah and I prepared for tea time, ayah, ibu, acik jum and acik din joined together with the Singaporean to go to Malacca. Afiq, ashiq n gegirl just stayed at home with us. But before Singaporean going back, I having a time untuk try naik kereta uncle dol. It's very comfortable and luxury. Angah, boy and me just try around our taman.

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xy~han said...

halemakk besnyerr dpt nek keta uncle dol!
haa nnt nk masak ayam panggang tu tggu along balik tau.. ;p