Friday, April 24, 2009


This week I'm quite bored. Only my parents and me at home. Angah xblk coz this sunday she went to Terengganu. Boy also did not come back home. Maybe he bz with his study. Almaklumlah dh thn akhir. Nuar plak pegi KL, keje.. Along lg la xblk. She now has her own family. So its quite bz to see her. Just only me with ibu n ayah. By the way, I can concentrate with my study this weekend. This monday I have paper. If there is too many people at home I can't study well.


xy~han said...

alalalaa poor my sister sorg ni.
boring ye dok kt umah.
xpelah..leh study dgn aman kn.
gud luck k!

hopefully on may abglong will
have his off day on weekends.
miss u all lorr..

aida said...

mule2 boringla tp lepas tu boy blk, acik pun dtg then nuar blk... okeylah tu;p