Friday, April 17, 2009

Journey to Malacca...

Today I'm going back to Malacca coz today I have an OB test. I did not prepare too much, I just read for the important point only. I'm going to sleep at 1 am but I still cannot sleep. I think I feel asleep around 4.30-5.00 am and 6 o'clock I dah bangun. Around 7 my frenz, Kyra came took me and we arrive at KBM around 8.30.

Starting from today, Jalan Seremban-Rembau-Melaka will be our main road because we will ulang alik for the fin
al. Tired??? Of course I am!.. and Kyra too... She must more tired than me because she was the driver, I just sit besides her and become a loyal listener to her when she start mumbling,..

"Kenapalah nk potong tak nak bagi signal?"
"Makan angin ke orang depan nie?"
"Taulah lampu kereta awak tu besar!"

... bla... bla... bla.. Sorry ea Kyra, jangan marah... Pepun, thanks for your kindness and I feel safe in your car because actually you are a good driver.... Thanks again..

As I what I expect, our lec give us a direct quest and 1 case study but I'm too dissapointed because I still confuse at some part of quest. But never mindlah, my 1st test I got a good marks, thanks madam. At first, I thought madam want to replace class but at the end she asked us to read the topic which did not finished cover yet. Alhamdulillah.....

Then, we go to see our carrymark. Only QMT, OB and research I still not know my marks. Cakap pasal research, our research proposal still not finish about 15%. Peninglah nak wat research ni! So worried, due date dah nak dekat nasib baik takde presentation. Wait and see jelah...

Around 12 Kyra and me went to Morten, our ex-rent house.. Huhu.. Boy sampai dalam kul 12.30 but he went to mosque for the Friday prayer. All my things I have packed and just wait for boy. Kyra ?? After she finished packing, she going back to Seremban... She invite me to tumpang but no need la because barang banyak sangat. Ikutkan hati, memang nak blah je lepas dah abis packing, (because only both of us know what was happened) but waktu semayang jumaat still not finished so kenalah tunggu boy. Ingatkan xpayah nak balik semula dah kat morten lagi rupanya bila dah sampai rumah, I forgot something. My meja!!! Without my desk, I cannot concentrate to study.. Iyelah tu.. Ish.. ish.. ish... camne leh terlupa ni? Nampaknya I must go back again to our 'beloved' home.

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